Where to Go

Look Like a Regular with our Getting Around Hints:

Arrival Procedures:

  1. Your Lift Ticket or general admission. Our ticket windows are conveniently located in the front of our lodge. There are 4 ticket windows. You will need to know what type of lift ticket you will need, if you want rental, and if you want a lesson. Prices and packages are posted on signs next to the ticket windows. You must have a lift ticket to have slope access and rent equipment. The ticket will also be coded with your rental information. After receiving your ticket, place it on your jacket. Metal wire first, then label.
  2. Picking up Rental Equipment? If you purchased a rental package, proceed to the rental department. You can follow the signs from the ticket windows. The rental facility is located just to the left of the lodge.

Equipment Procedures:

Step 1. We have self serve boots. Associate's are available to help you find your size and your correct fit. Ski boots are closer to the entrance. Snowboard boots are closer to the exit.

Step 2. There are benches available for you to try on boots. Find a spot on start making the switch.

Step 3. The proper fit makes a world of difference. Sizes generally match your foot in a dress shoe. You can notch up or down several sizes by adjusting the buckle. Make sure you close all the buckles. Only one pair of socks please! Otherwise the boots will not fit properly. The boots should feel tight but should not hurt your feet.

Step 4. Small coin lockers are available to store shoes and extra socks.

Step 5. After you have your boots on your feet, proceed to the Equipment Counter. You will be asked questions such as height, weight, and ability. This lets the technicians adjust the equipment to you. Let the technician know you are a beginner. Be honest! We're only looking out for you.

Step 6. Moving on. You are almost there! Once you receive your equipment, carry it out the back doors. You will see our ski school office located in the back of the main lodge building. This is where lessons meet.

Learning Center Lessons:

Hidden Valley offers ski and snowboard lessons for all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. On your first day, our Ski instructors will teach you the basics. Such as turning, stopping, and if you are really good, riding a surface lift. We offer both group and private lessons. For more information, make sure to check out the Lesson information on this website.

Heading Out On Your Own:

After you have mastered the fundamental skills of skiing (turning, slowing down, stopping and riding a lift), you'll be able to explore other trails while you practice what you've learned. Keep to the easier trails which are marked on the trailmap. Make sure to pick up a trail map at the ticket windows. It will show you where the various runs and lifts are located as well as the degree of challenge of each trail.

What to do if you...:

Need Information? The receptionist's office is located toward the front of the lodge.

Need a restroom? Restrooms are located in the rental building and in the back of the lodge, near the bar.

Need to make a phone call? Pay phones are located in the back of the lodge, near the restrooms.

Need First Aid? Report accidents to any uniformed Patroller (red jacket), Ski Instructor, or Lift Operator.

Find or Lose something? Articles may be left with or reported to, the receptionistÂ’s office.